Sunday, May 22, 2011


Ever notice how a single scent can send you flying back in time, to a certain period in your life or event? The smell of leather reminds me of my mother while I was growing up. During the winters she always wore a long form fitting leather jacket with a red scarf and Italian leather gloves. Her breath always smelled like Doublemint ( her favorite gum) and like most women in the late 80's, my mother wore Charlie by Revlon perfume. The quintessential perfume of the modern day working woman. Sensual, powerful, it smelled a lot like Cedar to me. It reminded me of a chest of old blankets, hibernating for the summer. Warm and promising, when you needed it.

Scent is such a powerful medium as it evokes the strongest of memories. I have almost cried after smelling a stranger walk by me, who wore the perfume of a loved one who has passed. I have once, been instantly transported to my first love, when someone wearing Liz Claiborne's Curve, handed me some change at the gas station.

Whether it be the smoky smell of a campfire ...the waxy smell of a new box of crayons...or the smell of my father's old car, I am convinced that there is nothing more powerful, than that of which we breathe and the aroma that life has to offer.

Look for my upcoming perfume reviews!