Monday, January 17, 2011

25 Random facts about me.

1) Sometimes when I'm cooking, I pretend I'm hosting a cooking show, and I talk to the "audience"

2)I never ever match my socks. I think it's bad luck.

3) My dream job is to be a novelist, and a teacher.

4) I can tap dance

5) I have a stuffed toy lamb, that I refer to as my son, and talk to all day.

6) I have a weird facination with dentistry

7) I don't want a house. I'm afraid of contracts, and I think it's too much maintenace.

8) I want to adopt a child

9)I'm severely allergic to jalapenos

10) As outgoing as I seem, I am really a homebody. My idea of a good friday night, is baking cookies, drinking wine, and watching Netflix.

11) I look way younger than I am. People always ask if my "mom" is home when they ring the door bell. Especially, if I am in PJ's and no makeup. I usually tell them ."Yes, would you like her address?"

12)Sometimes I wish I was a boy.

13) My middle name is Tilena ( pronounced Tie-Lean-ah)

14) Sometimes when I call up an 800 number, to pay a bill, or ask a question about something..I use a british accent out of sheer boredom.

15) I could eat Beignets everyday of my life.

16) I know at least one sentence from 6 different languages.

17) I have 4 brothers... 2 older..2 younger

18) I like pickles with chocolate pudding. Yes, I'm serious.

19)I absolutely LOVE salsa dancing.

20) I have a very bad temper

21) I am not materialistic. As long as my car has wheels, and my tummy has food, I am good to go.

22) I make the best "everything soup"

23) Sometimes, when I am on an airplane or a cab, and a stranger starts to chat with me. I make up my life. I tell them my name is Isabel, and I am from Brazil on a scholarship for belly dancing..and I go on and on, until they start looking at me weird.

24) I am a civil rights activist, and work with different campaigns and fundraisers. <3

25) My fav. thing to drink is rootbeer.

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