Friday, April 8, 2011

Fashion Faux Pas Friday

Okay. It's Fashion Faux Pas Friday. Today we will talk about the monstrosities of fashion crime that are committed every day by women and men everywhere. Whether it's a close friend, a relative, or you.... we must take the steps as loyal citizens to ensure that these crimes come to a stop immediately. Without further ado,

Platform Heels.

I am not sure when these things made a comeback, but I am just counting the days until they go away. Don't get me wrong, while I adore a nice heel and wear them often, these spiky, stacked, clunky pieces of stripper wear are just plain scary. Heels that tower over 3 inches tall or not only tacky, but unhealthy for your feet and spinal cord, and let's face it can't walk in them! I see women everywhere wobbling and teetering forward on these things. Not cute. So unless, you are a supermodel, or have the legs of a goddess, Let it go.

Low Rise Jeans

Self Explanatory. There is no reason to show off all the inventory like this.

For the love of God, pick up your pants! There is not a woman on God's Green Earth, that thinks this is cute. It is very 1991,and please..don't try to be contemporary by doing it with skinny jeans.

This is an appropriate look, in my opinion

Leopard Print.

Some people are taking this trend way too far. While I adore a little leopard lining, or maybe a leopard clutch, head to toe leopard is a bit aggressive. Save it for the Amazon.

Tacky Nails.

Scary. How do you type, dial a phone, or wipe your er-- bottom properly?? Overly long, acrylic nails limit dexterity, and compromise nail health. Acrylic nails can cause serious damage if broken,and also fosters an environment for bacteria and fungus to breed. So I encourage you to go natural. If you really can't stand the thought of sporting your natural nails, get them at reasonable lengths. Also, I think nail designs should be limited.

Designer brands

Owning a quality designer handbag is nice. Idolizing a designer is not. Head to toe Coach, Gucci, ..e.t.c... is not cute. Never has been. What is so fantastic about a bunch of C's or G's on a bag anyway? Paying upwards of $300.00 for a handbag or pair of shades because it has a bunch of C's on it is ridiculous. The same thing goes for T-shirts that cost $48 bucks and just read "Aeropostale". Where is the quality there? Why is it so important to people, to have labels stuck all over them? Does it make your life more fulfilling? No? It just makes you broker than you were before, with an ugly shirt too. Oh, and knockoffs...well, you know better than that.

C'mon Guys...

I don't get it. Not unique, due to the masses of people wearing them,they look quite silly, and you get bonus dingbat points if there are no lenses in them. If you own a pair of these, you may be suffering from Tryingtooharditis. It's okay, we have all been there.

So that's it for today, stop by next Friday to help combat these Fashion Faux Pas and make the world a better place. What other fashion faux pas can you think of? Comment below!

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