Monday, May 23, 2011

An open letter to Walmart

Dear Walmart,

You have managed to give me food poisoning, put the wrong tires on my car, and sell me a bookcase that fell apart on my head. Yet, all of this I took with a grain of salt, and a swig of Pepto. However, the time has come where one learns to draw the line somewhere.

Walmart, you are a red monopolizing scam of a corporation that preys on the middle to lower class citizens of America. There I said it. You hire unqualified individuals to do just about anything, and pay them the lowest wages possible. The lack of economic competition to produce goods and services is troublesome, while your lack of viable goods are astounding, to say the least. Also, you are NOT China, despite what you may think. You have wiped out the majority of small businesses from here to Kingdom come, and it is shameful. However, there is no use in beating a dead horse, so I will get down to it. It is not the fact that you are an enterprise of shameful high riders, with heads in a cloud of stolen money, it is the fact that your quarry are the under developed and the misinformed. Now you are planning on opening up a "Hispanic Walmart". I sincerely hope not. How dare you charge people for produce that is far from fresh. The produce you offer is disgusting, and I for one, will no longer remain silent. I will call for the boycott of your so called "goods", because you are not pulling the wool on this "hispanic" anymore. Appall-Mart is more like it.






There were flies everywhere, and fruit on the floor! There was also Celery and Potatoes with Mold on them, and Cucumbers with slices and gashes in them. Despicable!

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