Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Child To Be

To My Child to be,

There is only one of you. Amongst a sea of rainbow faces that tell you to fall into line, you stand out. March at your own pace and tell them why. I will SUPPORT it. Always. You are beautiful. Do not let the pages of a glossy magazine dictate how you should feel about yourself. Everyone is different and that in itself is beauty. Seek knowledge. We were not put on this earth to obtain degrees. Just seek knowledge from all avenues of life and I will be satisfied. Read the books you are supposed to read, and then read the books you aren’t supposed to read. They usually teach you more. Read labels, old Journals, Street Signs, and newspapers. Make your own decisions about them. Know that Parents are people too, and we aren’t always right. Know that times change, but morals don’t. Be a good person. Give more than you take. Listen carefully. Laugh loudly. Love immensely. I will support whomever you love. Choose wisely. Grow things. Start with wildflowers, you can’t go wrong. Be humble, for life is a gift. Crying is okay, that’s what chocolate is for. You can play whatever sport you like, and love whatever color you love. Follow your dreams with your feet on the ground. I will support your aspirations. Speak up for yourself; it’s how your Mother survives. Be empowered. I would do anything for your happiness.


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